Critter Cradle Animal Sanctuary

Sherri's Kitty Rehab 

At Critter Animal Sanctuary we currently provide a home environment to 62 cats. Each cat here came from varying circumstances from abandonment to neglect. Also providing senior hospice care. They all have their own unique personalities. We are dedicated to provide each cat with everything they need. Two of us provide all the TLC for each animal that comes to us, neither of us take a paycheck.  This home is provided knowing the huge need for cats in our area who have that one quirk many won't deal with. 

Digger -- a dog rescue that no longer exists had this tiny baby in a wire cage, outside around all the barking dogs. They did reach out for help, but I was appalled at the condition of this kitten. His feet were bloody, he was filthy with his own feces all over him, the worst part he was blind. TLC and a lot of it was needed for this baby. 

Responsible Pet Care is a Lifetime Commitment.


Sweet baby boy whose leg was so mangled it had to be amputated. His best friend here was a basset puppy, named Boomer, where one was the other one wasn't far behind. This adorable boy found a wonderful home who didn't see him as disabled they saw him as part of the family who they adore. 


Fostering an animal isn't a lifetime commitment, it's a commitment to saving a life. Be their Hero! 

Check with your local rescues to find out how you can save a life or two or three or.... 

Please don't let your babies have babies.

Spaying or Neutering by 4 months of age is safe and will effectively stop many health issues. 

Contact your local Veterinarian and schedule your animals spay or neuter today.

Springfield MO and surrounding area you can contact SAAFhouse by calling (417) 823-7223 or visiting their website for information at

Be a hero to animals in need!

If everyone would just fix one we could make a dent in the animal overpopulation and stop the needless suffering. 

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