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Scoopable Litter, Can and Dry Cat food, flea preventative,

are always a need here. We have one special

request this summer, a self propelled lawn mower.


Our Sanctuary is full -- we cannot accept any cats or kittens at this time

Please help reduce the pet population

Get your pets spayed or neutered 


SAAFhouse Spay-Neuter Clinic is now open!
1600 North Washington Avenue, Springfield, MO 65803


A rehab for wounded, neglected and abused animals, specializing in cats. We sanctuary the elderly. We work with the unadoptable. We do not euthanize for space, once we are full we cannot accept any more in until the ones that can go into a good home find that great home. You can click on each photo for a short bio on each of these precious babies.

Bless Digger's sweet little heart, she has passed and is running in heaven with all the others that nobody wanted to take responsibility for.

This video was done in 2011 -- turn your sound on -- heartache is everywhere Please spay or neuter your pets, their lives depend on it. This is some of the horror we see daily.