Our Website has changed, I will be updating and posting more in the coming days, if you have something you would like to see please visit our contact page and ask. Thank you for your patience. 

I come to you today speaking from my heart. As I am sure, most of you have noticed that I changed the name of this page to the ‘Kitty Café’ -- I am assuming many of you would like to know the reasoning behind this.
First, let me say that I hold no anger, only sadness as I write this. For God judges us on our deeds not on our coats. 
For one reason or another, things happen in our lives without notice, without reason. The undoing of others crushes our dreams. In an effort to do my best, my best is not always good enough in judgmental eyes. In a perfect world, everyone would work together and get along, learn to respect each other leading with your heart knowing this is about the animals not yourself. I would encourage many to put their differences aside and work towards being more harmless, the more you aim a negative heart towards each other soon their will be no one to help the voiceless, I would hope that is not your goal. Each of us brings a special part of our soul to each animal that is rescued, saved or given a hand to release them from their pain. I would hope that the people who are so vindictive over past experiences can learn to forgive and resolve the challenges they themselves have made up in their own minds and strive to do better. 
Because of actions of others, the Kitty Rehab has been closed.

Trust others with the same passion, compassion that you would like yourself. Please be kind to each other.

Please don't let your babies have babies.

Spaying or Neutering by 4 months of age is safe and will effectively stop many health issues. 

Contact your local Veterinarian and schedule your animals spay or neuter today.

Springfield MO and surrounding area you can contact SAAFhouse by calling (417) 823-7223 or visiting their website for information at www.spayneuterspringfield.org/